Why companies need a great HR consultant

Your small business keeps you busy all the time; you have to deal with suppliers, customers, employees and the day to day running of affairs. When it comes to hiring new employees you find that you don’t really have the time to interview properly so you end up with less than ideal workers. This is why people hire HR consultants. HR consultants step into your shoes when it comes to hiring so that you can focus on all the other things that need doing in your business.


An HR consultant will only need a brief from you on the kind of employee you would like to hire. Once you hand them the brief they will headhunt for the best person to fill the position. They will interview the candidates they think ate most suitable and then send you three or four so that you can do a final interview with them. If you are happy you can hire them. If you aren’t impressed you can tell the HR consultant to continue their search on your behalf.


HR consultancies are paid in different ways. You can pay them a fixed rate for every employee they help you hire or you can pay them on a commission basis – it is really up to you. In case you are wondering whether it is worth it, think about the quality of employees that you get from a consultant compared to the quality of employee you are able to hire yourself. Also, if things don’t work out within a certain period you can send the employee back to the consultant and they will send you another one free of charge.


The important thing is to make sure that you hire the right consultant for your kind of business – they should understand what you do and the kind of employee who would be most suitable. Contact The HR Division today and see how they can help you move forward.